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- Paul Valery


Words are meaningless

... and forgettable.Collapse )

Lmao, this is so weird. I don't know how and why this happened and it's so unspectacular and boring and cheesy and Chansung is such a girl here... but oh well, I kinda like it ㅋㅋㅋ Hope you enjoyed, comments are loved ㅅㅂㅅ

둘. Did I have to sell my soul...

... for a pleasure like this?Collapse )

Eeeeeh. Yeah... I'm sorry for the crappiness of this lol. I don't even know... and I also have no clue why this took me so long OTL Please forgive me~
Anyways... this is the second chapter! YAY! ㅋㅋㅋ I think maybe... just MAAAAAYBEEEEE I'll write a third chapter of this... with more Nichkhun for both of my guys ㅋㅋㅋ. Since Chansung is still waiting for his experience of being on top ㅅㅂㅅ
So yeah~ thank you for reading and supporting me! Especially you, Gina! I'm so sorry for being the epitome of procrastination OTL Thanks for bearing with me being so unprofessionally.
All my readers thank you for reading obviously! And comments will of course be loved and answered ㅋㅋㅋ. I need to know what you think about the possible sequel~
Love, Alice! <3

일. Did I have to lose control...

... to treasure your kiss?Collapse )


Okay, that's it lol. I'm really, really, really sorry for not making it longer and more interesting OTL. Would an NC-17-rated 2nd chapter be a good compensation? Because that's currently in the making ㅋㅋㅋ
Anyways, thank you very much for reading! I hope you'll stay tuned for the next chapter! And comments are always loved, of course!

Some Private Time

"Let's camp out at the river!"Collapse )

OMG. First time writing KhunHo... this was hard omg. I wrote at least 3-4 versions until I deleted them all and started anew... I wrote this in less then 1 hour, actually, but I like it the most~ AHHHHH. ㅋㅋㅋ Writing fluff is so much harder then smut or crack or humor OTL If you look carefully you can see the moments when I was tempted to go into a rather unfluffy direction ㅋㅋㅋ

Anyways, thanks for reading and comments would be awesome! Love y'all <3


"I need to... hm, prepare you for... what's about to come.", he said quietly.Collapse )


Oh.Em.Gee. I can't believe it. I think this is even worse then "I'm Right Here" but then again, it's Taekyeon AND Chansung, so what did I expect? ㅋㅋㅋ

Well, first of all, THANK YOU. <3
Thanks to everyone who read this and of course the previous two chapters, thanks to everyone who wrote comments, thanks to everyone who helped me improve and of course thanks to everyone who waited patiently for the next chapter! I'm sorry for being the epitome of procrastinationㅇㅜㄴ
Special thanks to Jimmy, Liam, Mike, Henry, Hwangmin and Matsumoto~ thanks for holding my hand and helping me with details and other stuff. Thanks to you I know more about male-male sex then I probably should ㅋㅋㅋ So thank you, you guys are awesome!
(PS: Liam, gimme the latest gay porn you've downloaded!)

I'm incredibly sorry for taking so much time for just three chapters, deadlines are my sworn enemies, seriously and of course I'm sorry for any crappy grammar, spelling, vocabulary and any fail in general. Any mistakes belong to the rightful owner. (Who? ME?! Never.) If you find them you can cut them out, paint them in your favorite color and stick them to your ass forehead, deal? ㅅㅂㅅ

I promise I'll work hard and improve to come back with a better writing style and thanks for putting up with me! Please treat me nice! ㅅ.ㅅ

Sometimes I want to kick his ass.

but regarding the height difference I refrain from it and simply give him a disapproving stare before choosing Junho's lap as my pillow instead of his.Collapse )

Ah, really~ this happens when I have to write something~ I happen to have a spontaneous idea and write it down quickly and then it's something like this ㅇㅜㄴ Well, I hope you still enjoyed this nonsense ㅋㅋㅋ


"You're goddamn cute when you do that."Collapse )

I'm so sorry! ㅡㅂㅡ I know this was supposed to be the 2nd and last part but FUUUUU I couldn't make it and so I decided to write it in 3 parts~ I hope you're not too mad at me but it's okay if you are, I deserve it ㅇㅜㄴ Anyways, the 1st part was some kind of 'prologue', how one thing lead to another, you know? And this, the 2nd part is the 'foreplay'... the last, 3rd part will be the, well... 'nice part', if you know what I mean! ㅋㅋㅋ So yeah, I promise to write faster! Sorry for making you wait so long for this! ㅠ.ㅠ Again, I'm sorry for any crappy grammar, spelling, vocabulary etc~ Feel free to shower me with criticism! <3


Step - step - spin - down, just fucking do it!Collapse )

This week will be a writing-marathon OTL I need to finish so many fanfictions, damn you procrastination ㅠㅅㅠ I hope you like reading this, gimme some feedback, yo! ㅋㅋㅋ Sorry for any crappy grammar/vocab/spelling, it's early in the morning and I just got back from dance practice and yeah~ part (2/3) will have more naughty scenes, yes/no? ㅅㅂㅅ

BROTHERS (unfinished)

1. beautiful - chansung/nichkhunCollapse )

2. heartbreak - wooyoung/junho (chansung)Collapse )

3. telephoneCollapse )
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<lj-cut text="1. beautiful - chansung/nichkhun"><u><strong>1. beautiful - chansung/nichkhun</strong></u>

Chansung could see the tears in Nichkhun&#39;s eyes, hear the regret in his voice, feel the confusion in his grip but when he nodded slowly and Nichkhun smiled Chansung thought that he could deal with it.

He suddenly knew that he would be able to accept the rejection as long as Nichkhun was still around him, a friend, a listener, a soft voice in the background, something he could hold onto.

A familiar face, intelligent and beautiful.</lj-cut>

<lj-cut text="2. heartbreak - wooyoung/junho (chansung)"><strike>2. heartbreak</strike></lj-cut>

<lj-cut text="3. telephone"><strike>3. telephone</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="4. calendar"><strike>4. calendar</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="5. help"><strike>5. help</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="6. lips"><strike>6. lips</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="7. paper"><strike>7. paper</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="8. time"><strike>8. time</strike></lj-cut>

<lj-cut text="9. white - taekyeon/nichkhun"><u><strong>9. white - taekyeon/nichkhun</strong></u>



&quot;You lived in Thailand, California and New Zealand&hellip; why is your skin so white?&quot;</lj-cut>

<lj-cut text="10. rumor"><strike>10. rumor</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="11. friends"><strike>11. friends</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="12. book"><strike>12. book</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="13. circle"><strike>13. circle</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="14. flashback"><strike>14. flashback</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="15. plane"><strike>15. plane</strike></lj-cut>

<lj-cut text="16. top - chansung/junho (nichkhun)"><u><strong>16. top - chansung/junho (nichkhun)</strong></u>

&quot;So&hellip; who&#39;s on top then?&quot;, Nichkhun asked.

Chansung&#39;s grin almost reached his ears when Junho pointed at his chest without saying a word.</lj-cut>

<lj-cut text="17. blood"><strike>17. blood</strike></lj-cut>

<lj-cut text="18. embrace - ??/??"><u><strong>18. embrace - ??/??</strong></u>

Even if my breath would die. Even if my heart would stop. Even if my ribs would break.
I&#39;d still want you to embrace me.</lj-cut>

<lj-cut text="19. ill"><strike>19. ill</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="20. chalk"><strike>20. chalk</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="21. two"><strike>21. two</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="22. moon"><strike>22. moon</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="23. test"><strike>23. test</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="24. habit"><strike>24. habit</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="25. breakfast"><strike>25. breakfast</strike></lj-cut><strike </strike><lj-cut text="26. night"><strike>26. night</strike></lj-cut>